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Dear Valued Customer,    

We have added a new software product called M-Files to our portfolio that we are very excited to share with you! M-Files is a document management solution that can improve your company’s efficiency and business processes and ultimately help save your company money at the bottom line. Searching within hundreds of Windows file folders or filing cabinets for your documents is a thing of the past.  M-Files allows you to quickly tag and store documents and then find them instantly. We have included additional information below to some common questions we receive from customers like you about document management technology. 

Why does my company need a document management solution?

All documents and records can be stored in a single and secure centralized area which can be accessed at any time–even in the Cloud!

How will this benefit me?

You and your employees will save time by quickly storing and finding documents by searching on any content or properties

Mobility and connectivity allows for remote document access on mobile devices or through Web Access via any browser

Flexible security allows you to control data access by user, groups, roles or default permissions by document type

How will this benefit my employees?

Controlled editing allows for version control with check in / check out procedures as well as collaboration and workflows through assignments and email notifications

M-Files also links to external databases such as ERP, CRM, accounting, etc. enabling a streamlined business process.

M-Files can be used with all file types

What other features would benefit my business?

Document capture with an OCR module to convert documents into searchable PDF files

Windows Explorer Interface for simple use and installation

M-Files Reporting helps analyze business processes and support management decisions.

Formal integration with these 3rd party products:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

SharePoint (MOSS 7.0, MOSS 2010, and WSS 3.0)




Kofax Express


Contact us today at +603-7785 0341 for a demo to learn how M-Files can improve efficiency and increase productivity for your organization or visit M-Files website.


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