Why Do We Need It

Manufacturing ERP can assist the SME in achieving manufacturing excellence, and is rapidly becoming indispensable to maintain a competitive edge. Even organizations with a small number of employees are now realizing significant benefits in terms of increased efficiency from the latest systems. Future pressures on manufacturers and further developments in information technology are likely to accelerate this trend, leading to universal adoption of manufacturing ERP.

Due to its integration capability, a well-implemented and appropriate ERP system can create significant efficiencies across your business, resulting in timely business information, better customer relationships, a more cost-effective supply chain, improved internal process and, ultimately, increased profitability.

Think of the different systems across your business at the moment, whether manual or automated. A customer places an order. How often is this order entered into various systems in different departments; from finance to distribution to sales and marketing? Not only is this time consuming, but it also creates the opportunity for errors.

Can your finance department quickly query the system in the warehouse to find out if the order has been dispatched and whether to raise an invoice? Can your marketing department rapidly identify those customers who have recently ordered specific product lines in order to better target direct marketing activities?

With Enterprise Management Solution, the customer order information is entered once and then it is available throughout the necessary modules. Every department is better placed to carry out its task and you have clear and timelier information on which critical business decisions are based.

If you are convinced, but would like more information, Please contact us and talk to one of our manufacturing specialists, who will be able to answer any query regarding compatibility with your operation, as well provide more details of the product and benefits. Once a genuine requirement and broad compatibility is established, a consultant may arrange to visit you and review your needs in more depth; and also offer a comprehensive demonstration of the software while on site. Subsequent to this, any special requirements can be discussed, and reference site contacts provided if required. It’s that simple – why wait any longer?